Linee asservimento presse Press feeding lines



  • Fresatrice a portale mobile PIETRO CARNAGHI 3000x16000 mm / PIETRO CARNAGHI Gentry Milling Machine 3000x16000 mm

  • Centro di lavorazione automatico ruote forgiate / Milling Turning Twin Center PIETRO CARNAGHI

  • Pressa meccanica a doppio montante WEINGARTEN 1250t / Mechanical Press WEINGARTEN 1250t

  • Alesatrice a montante mobile con tavola roto basculante e traslante / Boring machine with moving bolster with tilting and translating rotary table

  • Fresatrice a portale FOREST LINE / Double column CNC milling machine FOREST LINE

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Sales department:
Piazza Marinai d’Italia, 1
31032 Casale sul Sile, TV, Italy
Tel. +39 0422 822584
Fax +39 0422 783745

General Manager
Stefano Benetta
  +39 3489015779

33099 Vivaro, PN, Italia
Tel. +39 0427 97329
Fax +39 0427 976960

Via Terraglio 117-F
31022 Preganziol TV, Italy


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