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Pipe & Tube Machines
Pipe and Tube Machines -.  Macchine per lavorazione tubi -
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 Model   Product Name      Manufacturer   Capacity+ 
 KZ RP 0B   Combined Drawing Line   Combined Drawing Line   Schumag   0.00 
 KZ P II B/F   Combined Drawing Line   Combined Drawing Line   Schumag   0.00 
 KZR IB   Combined Drawing Line   Combined Drawing Line   Schumag   0.00 
 ZGL 20 TL   Combined drawing pipe line   Combined drawing pipe line   Kieserling Csepel   0.00 
 ZGL-20 TL   Combined tube drawing machine   Combined tube drawing machine   Kieserling   0.00 
    Draw bar/pipe benching line   Draw bar/pipe benching line   Titan   0.00 
 3T-25/20   Heavy Duty Draw Pipe Benching Line   Heavy Duty Draw Pipe Benching Line   ZDAS   0.00 
 1500x10   Helicoidal Pipe Welding Line   Helicoidal Pipe Welding Line   HPW   0.00 
 VMR 3x75   Pilger Mill   Pilger Mill   Meer   0.00 
 XTP 90   Pipe rolling mill   Pipe rolling mill   JSC, Russia   0.00 
    Roll forming welding pipe   Roll forming welding pipe   OME   0.00 
    Seamless Pipe Mill   Seamless Pipe Mill   Vniimetmash, Russia   0.00 
 Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products)   Result Pages: 1  
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